26 January 2008

look at this child

this was one of those serendipitous moments when my auto rick stopped and this boy came out from his hovel in the alley to look at me, and then smiled. notice that he is playing with garbage and then think of your own child.

this photo that took all of 3 seconds to shoot says a lot. it was one of those fortunate moments in india. not because I got a perfectly framed shot of a boy living in an alley and a half-hidden girl that in itself makes a statement, but because when you connect eye to eye it changes you forever. and I am grateful for that.

the rickshaw pulled away just as he was about to take 10 rupees from my hand.


shinyyoga said...

wow. beautiful! x

lilalia said...

Wonderful photo. Wonderful that the inner lens of your mind, also took in more than your camera could capture and thus changed your perspective. As, it now does ours.