19 February 2008

Yoga Action Squad

(the dance of Shiva and Kali)

and now for something to take our minds off the Kali Yuga that we are living in...

Yoga Action Squad to the rescue!

a friend sent me this link this morning and I just about about blew my chai tea out my nose watching them. loved the one about the evil pilates teacher....

OM, y'all!



Anonymous said...

Too funny...
I had seen this floating on myspace..gotta love the "Oh, And Dr. Bad Vibes....Namaste Bitch!"
SO wrong...and yet so funny.


A Bowl Of Stupid said...

Hey Lin,
Just in case I never said anything, thank you very much for all your comments, well wishes, and generally everything re: India.

Now that I've regained my senses OUTSIDE India, I finally added your site to my 'blogroll'. Long overdue, my friend.

Again, thanks for everything, stay safe, and namaste.

FranIAm said...

I saw this from the email you sent me!

This is great.