10 March 2008

selling out

I found this video via The Worst Horse which is all about pop- sub- and dharma-culture.

This video is the "Dharma-Burger/Video of the Moment: Get into a meditative pose. OK, good. Now, stare blankly — at the camera."

from the Horse's mouth: "Usually, the Horse doesn’t comment too much on the state of the yoga/pop-culture collision. We’ve got our hands full just keeping track of all the Buddhism, quasi-Buddhism, and meditation that’s currently in the mix. But we have made a couple of exceptions, and this video made by “Swami J” is the latest."

We all know that in advertising "sex sells", but nowadays "yoga sells". add a few skinny "yoginis" -- god forbid that any woman over size 2 would want some nice yoga clothes -- and we have a winning combination for the American consumer.

can someone tell these ladies to eat a sandwich now and then?

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Nadine Fawell said...

Amen! I just went to a yoga workshop (you know which one)where I was arguably the fattest woman in the room, and I usually wear XS tops and S bottoms. I felt HUGE. It is a very sad state of affairs.