31 October 2008

be the change you want to see... the United States.

I used to blog about politics and things non-yoga but I didn't think swearing was appropriate for a yoga blog so I started Ramblings of an Ageless Hippie Chick.

This election is too important to ignore, so please vote on November 4th. don't base your decisions on McPalin's politics of fear. as Dharma Punk Noah Levine says on The Huffington Post, "the causes of suffering and confusion in the form of greed, hatred, and delusion have continued to corrupt the masses and have even crept into the teachings of this revolutionary path."

Go against the stream and be the revolution.

Be the change that you want to see in the world -- Mohandas Gandhi

(Liberate these bumper stickers and place them on your blog or website.)


lilalia said...

Love the sentiments. Just hope the majority of Americans will make the decision for Obama. The world at large is crossing their fingers.

Liberality said...

well I am liberating the other one too and thanks!