06 January 2010


"The obligation to go to "the place which the Lord your God will choose" (Deut. 16:16)"

"In religion and spirituality, a pilgrimage is a long journey or search of great moral significance."

"Journey to a shrine or other sacred place undertaken to gain divine aid, as an act of thanksgiving or penance, or to demonstrate devotion."

Five years ago the seeds of my teaching in Africa were planted when a fellow student at the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram asked me to come teach in Tanzania. I will never know the reason she sensed I was capable of that.

Two years ago the seeds of going to the Kumbh Mela were planted when I suddenly knew without a doubt that I had to be in Hardiwar at this specific time in my life and nothing would stop me. It is a deep knowing that I can not explain.

In 7 hours it all begins when I step on the plane. I've been told that at the Kumbh Mela I will meet a holy man who will tell me something that will change my life "forever."

And I will thank the Universe in my heart for having made me capable of such joy.

(original upload by tudo de Om)


Mindful Roots said...

Great strength and consciousness on your pilgrimage to India! Have you seen the documentary film on the Kumbh Mela "Shortcut to Nirvana", it's really great.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes those things that 'change our life forever' don't look or sound like what we expect them too. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy... the fruits of your seeds and the exciting unknowns :)

Jade Green Yogi said...

If only I had found your blog sooner.

Mandy said...

I hope you have a wonderful time at hOMe :) Namaste

Donna said...

Wishing you wonder and wisdom on your journey of a lifetime.

Miss S said...

miss you. Thinking sweet thought for you and can't wait to hear from you again. :)
(Miss. S)

Jack said...

I hope that i will found more new articles soon on this blog. Keep it up !