14 September 2007

feel good friday

This week was the anniversary of September 11. This week I read about Pres. Shrub's plans to bomb Iran. Just when I was thinking that this is no longer my country, I came across this video of the greatest gospel singer ever.

So in the spirit of "feel good Friday", I give you Miss Mahalia Jackson singing "Study War No More."



Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

It's too bad Shrub won't ever listen to this song. Even though I'm an athiest now I appreciate it sentiment, thanks for posting it.

Linda (Sama) said...

this very lapsed Lutheran white girl from the south side of Chicago grew up listening to my Polish mother's Mahalia Jackson records...I think Miss Jackson is beyond any specific religion -- she is just Divine.

Linda (Sama) said...

and thanks for reading and linking my rants and musings to your blog!