12 September 2007

the miniature earth

I saw this powerful video on another blog, but can't remember which one. I've been turned on to so many great blogs lately -- actually more leftie, Democratic, social activist blogs than yoga or Indian ones -- that I can't keep them all straight!

there is no music to this one, no sounds. just listen to the sound of your own heart.

by the way, I know my posts as of late have not been very yoga or India related, but that's life, and life is about change -- morphing, evolving, reinvention. If not, then there is stagnation and death. As Sri Krishnamacharya said, yoga is about life.

but not to worry, I AM formulating another YOGA RANT!

peace to all.

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like the past six years have been a terrible distraction from my spiritual journey, as the crass and sometimes evil world of politics has interjected itself. But I realize that it is part of the journey and I must try to bring the two together.