02 October 2007

for what it's worth

Why do I always think about this song anytime shit happens like what's going down in Burma right now?

and I said I wouldn't write much before I left for California...


Mike said...

It's the voice of your generation. That, and a little mind programming. It's strange how certain songs become associated in our minds with pictures and events from our past. For example, whenever I hear or think of Suite, Judy Blue Eyes by CSN, I can't help but think of all the parties my parents had in our backyard by the pool when I was a kid.

Linda (Sama) said...'re making me feel old, can't be THAT much younger than me!

Mike said...

Hey, at least I'm old enough to remember when that music was new. There are adults today who can't even remember when Reagan was President, much less Johnson, Nixon, Ford, or Carter. And yes, I was alive when Kennedy was President (barely).