26 October 2007

how to be a yoga teacher for $49.99

How do I get certified?

"The process of getting yourself certified is very simple. All you have to do is buy the ExpertRating Yoga Instructor Certification for $49.99. Log in to your ExpertRating account using your password. Go through the Yoga Instructor courseware (which could take you from 1 week to a month depending upon how hard you work) and take the certification exam at your convenience. You can take the exam within 1 year of buying the certification. The result of the exam appears as soon as it is completed, and your certificate is mailed immediately."

damn! I wish I would have known about this before! Would have saved me two trips to India and THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS!

This would be funny if it wasn't so freakin' sad.


YogaDawg said...

That's funny Linda. I can't stand it when my satire turns out to be true. Did a Yoga Teacher Training in a Box bit

Of course it was my riff on Cyndi Lee's Yoga in a Box.

Anyway, always the best to you.

Linda (Sama) said...

hey, Dawg! thanks for reading!

doesn't it make you want to barf?

hmmmm...."barf, barf".....sounds like a dog bark! :)

Mike said...

This reminds me of a more serious and interesting essay I read some time ago that points to the same truth:
The Dangers of Pseudo Advaita.