04 February 2009


Finally, I got it: a heart that is open to the world must be willing to be broken at any time. This brokenness produces the kind of grief that expands the heart so that it can love more and more.
--Stephen Cope

I had the great fortune of spending 10 days with Stephen Cope at my training retreat at Spirit Rock in 2007. I think he's brilliant.

And this is a quote that rings so true for me.


Grace said...

I'm a fan of Cope's writing. This quote is an excellent sample. I'm going to save it to savor for later.

Flo said...

I have one of Stephen's book my husband gave me. I have yet to read it but hear lovely things about him..
I am learning about impermanence through a dharma book I am reading. I really enjoyed the quote you shared.

linda said...

I think I read every word...I once dreamed of going to monastery in India...I completely immersed myself here and it felt good...thank you for inviting me to come see you is a kind and gentle, beautiful space...


Cynthia said...

Hi Linda,
It sounds as if you had a wonderful experience with Stephen Cope; I couldn't tell if it was in 2007 or recent. Beautiful images and love abounds here at your yoga life blog; Linda's Yoga. I also share a bit about yoga in my blog Oasis. I look forward to visiting again. <3

jules said...

I like the quote! Do you recommend the Spirit Rock center? I would be interested in visiting someday.

yogadork said...

great quote. It's hard to put yourself out there, but it's vital to experiencing life in all its glory and despair. That's beauty. I'll be looking into some more Stephen Cope.
ps. that image is intense.

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