18 September 2009

do yoga in Africa and help women

According to the Seva Foundation "two-thirds of the 45 million blind people in the world are female, yet women receive less than half of eye care services. Moreover, 80% of these cases are preventable or treatable forms of blindness."

As part of their payment for yoga, each participant will donate $108 to the Seva Foundation for the Kilimanjaro Center for Community Ophthalmology. You can read all about KCCO here. KCCO isn't a hospital and doesn't provide clinical services, but the work is focused on research, program development and training, all intended to help eye care service providers and public health workers reach a huge population that has never had these services before.

It really is more important to me that people come on my Yoga Adventure in Africa in order to donate to Seva than for me to make a ton of money. I would be happy to get my plane fare covered. Frankly, a teaching experience that is so outside the box is worth much more to me.

Have you signed up yet? You can get all the details here.


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