06 June 2010

"Transformative Fire"

(photo credit: omtapas)

"There is a great fire that longs to burn you --
Don't let fear imagine a separation.
It is only yourself, burning for the truth,
The truth burning for itself.
Knowing this, give yourself, without reservation:
In ecstacy the fire burns."

"Having deeply opened to the annihilating aspect of the path, and having alllowed it to act on us, we may find that now and then it acts through us, cutting through ignorance and sentimentality with a voice of ruthless clarity..."

This is why I always say that yoga cooks us.

(Poem and commentary by Jennifer Paine Welwood,
Poems for the Path,
© 2001, 1999, 1998)


Pilgrim of the moon said...

Reading your blog feeds my soul.
Thank you very much.

Linda-Sama said...

thanks so much for your lovely comment!

Anonymous said...

The more we cook, the more we wake up and the more everything before it seems like a dream. In fact, everything starts to take on a dream-like quality, even the most alert/awake moments of the day...