21 August 2010

and it begins again

Have to get a new visa and back in Ma India's arms at the end of December. Two weeks at KYM then 5 weeks until I land in Mumbai (where I have never been) for a month-long yoga therapy training in Nasik. My longest trip yet.

My gut is telling me this is the icing on the cake before I move on to getting a masters in transpersonal psychology. Somehow I know that in the future my teaching and this will be used together....all things reveal themselves when ready. Conditioned existence.

After all these years it's all coming together, but first I have to go home.

ferry to Dakshineswar, Kolkata

three generations, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Kolkata street food

kumkum, Haridwar


lilasvb said...

beautifull pictures, india... i miss it

Anonymous said...

I am ENVIOUS. But so happy for you. Some day it will be my turn to make it to India... :)

Parnter Yoga Teacher said...

Udaipur was my favorite city when I was in India.

Rand(Om) Bites said...

How very exciting Linda! Such beautiful photos as well.