13 August 2010

my Eat Pray Love Tour of India

“Eat. Pray. Fall in Love with [our] Inspirational India Tour.
Starts at $19,795 per person, based on double occupancy.”

I have an idea. I've done four trips to India so who better to lead you to the land of yoga, spirituality, and chillums incense?

extra rupees for medicinal plants

Have you always dreamed of traveling to exotic India?

a lot of incense needed here

"I Loved indian movies from age 5. Finally at the age of 35 i funally went to india (had a dream from early childhood)...To say I was deeply disappointed is to say NOTHIN I was in SHOCK!...."


"......It is such a pity that indian movies have NOTHING to do at all with real life... I wish India was a little close to the image you see in movies."

Well, I have your enlightenment right here. Pay me $20,000 and I will take you to lands like you've never dreamed of....THE REAL INDIA!

Extra charge for animal costumes.


Bob Weisenberg said...

I nominate this for Most Entertaining Blog of the Year Award!

Please, please, please let me post this as a guest blog on Elephant. I'll be the most popular guy around.

Bob W.

Anonymous said...


And why should you go? To get a dose of Delhi Belly and become as skinny as Jennifer Aniston, duh!


Linda-Sama said...

yes, I always do look very svelte upon my return....

lilasvb said...

i like reading you and i love india

Kimberley said...

love this. ;0)

Amanda said...

Loving it, Linda.

Don't forget traffic! I should do one for Ubud so the mindless hordes don't think it's woo-ville!

Although, I guess it could be woo-ville if you you tried...