11 November 2008

Paul Grilley: how to be a good yoga student

I spent 5 days with Paul Grilley in another wonderful yin yoga teacher training. this video was taken by Zach, who came from Michigan to the Chicago Yoga Center.

Paul is talking about being a courteous student if you are in a workshop or a class and you do not agree with what is being taught.

I have studied with Paul for 5 years now and what I love about him is that he kills the yoga sacred cow of "universal principles of alignment." I will write soon about my experience in his training and post my own pictures.

01 November 2008

one more blog award goes to...

...Sindhu for her blog Flower Girl's Rural India

I wrote about Sindhu's blogs here so read all about them.

Here you go, thankachi, display this award proudly on your blog...."thankachi" is "younger sister" in Tamil, the language of the Indian state that I visit.

I won't be back in Ma India for another year and I miss India everyday -- whenever I want to re-visit My India I go to Sindhu's blog.