18 February 2009

my yoga room is a very very very fine room

yoga art by sweetmango. sweetmango was surrounded by the fires in Australia. buy her art!

a place to teach, a place for props

a place to sit

Buddhist altar with Buddha statue given to me when I first took the Five Precepts; giclee of the Dalai Lama bought in Santa Fe, New Mexico; framed picture of my teacher Gelek Rimpoche; antique bronze Buddha bought in Chennai, India

close-up of antique Buddha -- it's heavy!

Hindu altar with bronze statue of Kali standing on Shiva, bought in Chennai, India. It is rare to find a statue of Kali in Tamil Nadu. Front row left to right: bronze statue of Parvati, bought in Pondicherry antique store; wooden statue of Kali bought in Varanasi, sent to me by a friend; picture of Shiva and Parvati; clay statue of Ganesha; mala on Kali bronze is over 30 years old, given to me by a dear friend.

These words from the Taittiriya Brahmana are painted on the walls:

"Let my life force be linked to my heart,
and my heart be linked to the Truth that lies deep within me.
Let that Truth be linked to the Eternal
which is unending joy."



When we came to look at the house I saw this room and said "this is my yoga room." I also immediately "saw" those colors -- I wanted a deep orange (since I'm a second chakra gal) and grass green. You can't see it very well, but on some of the walls there's a "plastic bag technique" with the paint. The only down side to the room is how the roof slants -- I can only fit so many people for a vinyasa class, not good for raising the arms overhead!

But I love the space, it has good energy, all the time.


L'Adelaide said...

what a lovely room! and I love the colors and your wonderful statues, especially of Kali, one of my remind me I need to start again!!

(the word veri is "unsin" ~lol

Anonymous said...

Your yoga room is beautiful!! Makes me wanna come over and do yoga :)

Lovely art, too. Can't see a link on her website to look at/buy art though?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Very nice....thanks for letting me see where they hang!! Your room is Beautiful, the colours on the walls...sublime. Everything in there just works so well, you can feel the tranquility in every inch of it...I love it!
You put a smile on my face Linda! Thank you for my smile :)

Brenda P. said...

What a great place for a class...I hope you had a good one tonite with the fb gang! Someday, some room will be dedicated...for now it's the 18"x 72" space I unroll the mat. Move over, cats!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda,

We LOVE your yoga room. Gary (Mr AnthroYogini) and I want one in our house!

elderyogini said...

What a beautiful space. You have an incredible visual sense that comes through on the blog and now I see and enjoy it in your environment. The "vibe" comes through the pictures! nurturing and feels as if I am there practicing with you. I love the quotation you painted on the wall, too.

Fernanda R. Lima said...

Gorgeous altars...

Very inspiring ;-)

Grace said...

Very nice. Gives me lots of ideas for my future yoga room.

Anonymous said...

Awesome room, cogratulations!
It is so nice to have your own space, whatever that may be. I had a studio space in my home in South Africa, and I loved teaching there. Now I am renting space from a community centre - that's not too bad either!

Your room is lovely. And I love Laghunyasa, it's probably my favourite...


Life As I Know It Now said...

Your room is really wonderful. I love the art and the colors are bold.

Babs said...

Beautiful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing!