23 July 2009

"yogis" such as these

"zydeco chacha" left this lovely comment on this post. I left it in the comments section so you could see that I did not make this up and so you could click the name to go to the blog she/he writes for:

"would that you could go quietly into the night, but that would be too much for you to manage, wouldn't it? at least you're GOING. one less chunk of bitchiness in the virtual yoga world; for that many of us are extremely grateful."

This delightful person writes for the Sadhana Bliss Chicago blog. The other contributors are Nirvair Kaur, Gina, Dukh Niwaran Kaur, and Balprem Kaur, and you can see a photo of all five on their blog (I assume this a photo of the contributors but who knows?) The blog is apparently the "Teacher Training Sadhana Blog" of the Spirit Rising studio, a Kundalini yoga studio in Chicago. The irony is that a few years ago I was given the name Narayan Kaur by the 3HO Foundation in New Mexico.

Oh, those wacky Kundalini Kids! Instead of upsetting me, I thought the comment hilarious. First, can you imagine someone leaving their name that can so easily be traced AND a photo of themselves (assuming the blog photo is of the contributors)? Second, the mind reels at the psychology of the person who would call themselves a "yogi" and write such a comment on someone's blog. Spirit Rising Yoga actually offers "yoga-based psychotherapy."

But on further reflection, it's really rather sad. Really makes you wonder about intention. It's obvious that the comment was written to hurt. And why would someone who doesn't know me and has never met me want to hurt me via leaving a nasty comment on a blog? What is inside the mind of that person to want to do that, what is their motivation? Just pure unadulterated nastiness? Just to feed their ego?

It begs the question, if you don't like what I write or how I write, then why read this blog at all? I don't go to your house and shit in your yard so why do you think you can shit in mine?

Irony sure as hell rules. I read this comment after I got home from doing my seva, my karma yoga, teaching yoga and meditation to the Hispanic women's group at the domestic violence shelter. This yoga bitch has been doing that for 7+ years now. What's that saying about no good deed goes unpunished?

I guess you just can't please everyone.

I don't know if zydeco chacha is a teacher, but think of a teacher sitting in front of a yoga class spouting peace and love and lightness and brightness, Sat Nam!, and then running home and leaving nastiness on a blog. A bit of a disconnect wouldn't you say?

Hmmmmmm....sadhana is a "spiritual practice." Apparently Z's personal sadhana is leaving dirt on yoga blogs. I bet Yogi Bhajan wouldn't think too highly of that practice. If he wasn't cremated he's probably spinning in his grave right now.

It makes me wonder whether Z has read the Yoga Sutra-s know, like those pesky yamas and niyamas. Tsk, tsk....I think someone has to stay late after yoga school and write 1000 times on the blackboard "I will not leave nasty comments on yoga blogs...."

Funny that theirs is a teacher training blog. It's nice to know that the Spirit Rising studio is churning out such enlightened communicators. Their Level 2 teacher training is entitled "Conscious Communication - Inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan." Ya think maybe ol' Zydeco flunked that one? Or maybe it was unconscious communication.

Zydeco honey, the Sama never goes quietly, anywhere. In fact, you've inspired me to hang around just to annoy you. Kisses, sweetie.

Dear readers, feel free to leave your comments here or there. There was a website listed on the profile of Dukh Niwaran Kaur, a yoga teacher and massage therapist in Chicago. I emailed her with a link to this post. I will let you know if she responds about her fellow blog contributor's actions.


Anonymous said...

You know, at first I read the 'going' part (coz it was in caps), and thought it was a positive message I was reading (didn't get your sarcasm straight away).

The comment was certainly unnecessary and rude.

However, I'd say I'm a yogi with a spirital practice and yet I'm capable of meanness, nasty words and actions. Not as much as some people, but certainly I can and still do act out in these ways.

I don't think it means the person isn't a yogi. But certainly, if they can't reflect on their actions and see that what they've written was un-called for, then they need a new mirror.

Linda-Sama said...

"I'm capable of meanness, nasty words and actions."

of course. me too. and as I heard Jack Kornfield say, if anyone thinks you're not supposed to get mad (upset or whatever) when you're on the spiritual path, that's kindergarten spirituality.

but it all comes down to intention, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

i wish the yogi in question... ( the one that left that comment ) I wish them peace and happiness in their heart, I wish them reflection on thoughts and deeds and I am somewhat grateful that the comment was directed at you Linda, :) for no other reason than the fact that people like you and I have pretty 'thick skins' and are able to let the arrows those words are attached to , fall to the ground at our feet harmlessly....had they been directed at someone else they could easily have made their mark.
happy journeys my friend.

Linda-Sama said...

funny you should mention arrows, sweetmango...

Buddha talked about the two arrows of suffering -- the first arrow is the action, the second is the suffering we cause ourselves by letting that first arrow fester. honey, I just pulled that first arrow out and kept going....

I might teach in Australia next year, so I will keep you informed about that!

YogaforCynics said...

Reminds me of some of the positivity fascists I knew back in my late-adolescent hippie days...the "keep your negative attitudes away from me" crowd, who spent their lives passing judgement and generally denying compassion and often being really, really mean to people they considered "negative," without seeing the contradiction. Apparently, their purported "positive attitudes" were their excuse for being relentlessly negative. No doubt this particular "lighthouse" to the world has a similar attitude....

April said...

What is so hilarious is that this person says YOU are a "chunk of bitchiness in the virtual yoga world," but what is that comment if not a NEW chunk of bitchiness in the virtual yoga world?!

I'm not perfect, and I'm not always nice. But I'm not likely to identify myself as a yogi right before I post something hateful. If I act impulsively, it's because I'm not living my yoga.

That'd be like walking out of yoga class and pushing an old lady into the street.

I can't help but to laugh at the dramatic irony of that comment.

Brooks Hall said...

Hi Linda-Sama!
Keep on blogging! Let your beauty to continue to explode across the bloggosphere! I wrote a post about it:

Amanda said...

Hi Linda,

Yes - I hope you don't mind but I had to say something. It's cyberbullying by adults who should know better.

I'm sick of people hiding behind their ISPs and typing nasty shite they'd never have the balls to say to your face.

I see the scary parallels between yoga and the fitness (aerobics) industry. Clearly this is personal for me. I've been deeply hurt too many times now. It's not in the spirit of either activity to put people down when they are doing good work.

Little wonder people are going for personal trainers and individual yoga classes.

Anyway, I'll be in touch via email, sistah.

You take care. Lotsa hugs

Linda-Sama said...

of course I don't mind, sis. thank you for your support....