10 August 2009


I want to acknowledge the two yogini bloggers who awarded me the MeMe Award. I am in good company with all of these blog award winners!

Thanks to girlwarrior of it's all yoga, baby who said that I am "sassy, opinionated and sincere in her practice", and thanks to Brooks at Yoga, the Mind and Culture who said "she's really doing her yoga, and shares inspiration and road bumps along the way." Thank you, thank you, thank you! I especially want to thank the yoga bloggers who supported me during the Troll Event -- you know who you are!

I'm not really into rules but the rules to this award are that I should (1) share 7 tidbits about myself and (2) share this MeMe Blog Award with 7 blogger friends. As for those tidbits about me, I think if you read LYJ from the beginning you will certainly glean more than 7 tidbits about me (!!), but here goes:

1. My first OM was with Beat Poet and Buddhist Allen Ginsberg in 1973 when he came to my junior college for a poetry reading.

2. I've been green since the first Earth Day in 1970, many years before being green became the thing to do. I helped organize my high school's Earth Day celebration and I ordered the Earth Day flag decals (they were cool!). I've never seen decals like that again.

3. I am also a garden designer. My business is Loba Landscapes...Gardens With a Touch of the Wild. My niche is native plants in the home landscape and eco-gardening.

Yes, that's my backyard.

4. I was in a riot in 1970. Sly and the Family Stone were supposed to play a concert in Grant Park in Chicago and in those days Sly was known to show up late or not at all for concerts. People got upset and a riot broke out. I ran from the police just as they started to tear gas us. Ah....those were the days...the smell of tear gas and major doobage in the air, flowers in our hair....

I still loves me some Sly!

I am sure 1970 must sound like the olden days to many of you but throw the peace sign up, it will do you no harm!

5. I was named one of Illinois' best high school poets when I was a junior.

6. Besides being an activist for the environment, I've always been an activist for women's issues. I know some of you don't remember the days before Roe v. Wade, but at that time when I was in junior college abortions were legal in New York City. As a member of a women's liberation group at that time, I helped a few women get to New York City.

7. I am clairsentient and clairaudient.

I give this award to:

Shelley, for caring so much about India's children;

Svasti, for being so real and open and honest and brave (we are both survivors);

Nadine, for being a fellow KYM-er, for being sweet enough to consider me her "yoga mother", and for becoming a friend;

Amanda for supporting me and also becoming a friend;

Flowergirl, because I love her stories about India as much as I love India and because she has become my thankachi;

Fernanda, because she is as passionate about our Mother India as I am, and for becoming mi amiga (and who is trying to get me to teach in Brazil, YAY!);

YogaDawg, for obvious reasons!

Blog on!


Fernanda R. Lima said...

thanks mi amiga! i'm pretty sure we will meet here in Brazil ;-)

All of my blessings to you!
Shanti Shanti


Flowergirl said...

Thanks sis.

Hugs..I'm so happy. Hope and wish to meet you here during your stay here in India.

Luv & peace

Anonymous said...

Thank you Linda. How wonderful to know you're also a gardener!! And of course you're a poet. I think anyone drawn deeply into the spiritual path must be, even if they don't think they are!
Its very nice to learn a few more tidbits about you. :)

Grace said...

I like your garden photos. I like finding out the people behind the blog.

roseanne said...

it's great to learn these interesting little details about you - though i've seen pics of your beautiful garden, i didn't realize that you ran a landscaping business! amazing. also, love the pic of you circa 1970!

Eco Yogini said...

Your photos of your garden are BEAUTIFUL and so restful. I ADORE them- natural and wild. :)

YogaforCynics said...

Alright, now I know two people who attempted to see Sly and the Family Stone back in the day. My other friend was slightly luckier than you in that Sly actually showed up...walked onto the stage, fell flat on his face, and was carried tear gas, but no show, either...

Yogadawg said...

Thanks for the mention Sama. Mine will be on the YogaDawg blog on Friday. All my best!