30 August 2010

burn your blubber and fry your fat

....after you eat those Dunkin' Donuts.

I almost blew my chai out my nose all over my keyboard when I saw that. Irony rules.


YogaDawg once told me that some things are too ridiculous to satirize, but check out his link.

No further comments are necessary although I'm SO disappointed -- not one mention of bra fat.

I'll go sage myself now.


Unknown said...

W. T. F!!! Teaming up with Dunkin Donuts to Burn Fat on the Mat in only l5 minutes a day?! Miss Slim Calm Sexy really is laughing all the way to the bank. Unbounded audacity.

Brenda P. said...

"Oh my God, I need a pedicure. I'm looking at my feet and thinking how gross they are..."

Not quite calm, yet, I guess.

Pass the crullers.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shiva (as you like to say). This woman has no shame whatsoever. And no respect for yoga or other women. Oh. My.

Fry you fat and then don't forget to get your Dunkin' Donut on the way to the gym! ;P

the meditator said...

OMG what is going on over there (I am on other side of the world for sure)! Is this for real? So ridiculously funny .. yet so scarey at the same time. I am hopeful that 'they' are donating all $$ to the Pakistan disaster relief of course!

Emma said...

No words... I'm losing all my English here, can I swear in French on your blog?

Linda-Sama said...


Anonymous said...

OMG I only just watched this...we like to have a bit of a laugh in our yoga class, but these women are serious.
Yep, good thing I didn't have a drink in my mouth or my keyboard would be stuffed

Jessica Powers said...

Oh, heavens - I've just been reminded how much I despise morning television.

Amanda said...

Tara needs to come to one of my Body Pump classes so she can get some muscle on her bones.

Think about the absolute dichotomy of semantics presented in this clip:

donuts = fat, fat, fat

Tara Stiles = anorexically and unobtainably thin

I also cracked up when she was introduced. To my Australian ears, the host said 'terror' not Tara (pronounced Tah-ruh by us downunder mob!)