17 October 2008

a mile wide and an inch deep

I have to give Judith Lasater a big AMEN about her comments about yoga in the latest Yoga Journal.

On the last page (and it seems that YJ always puts the "old" yogis on the last page...hmmmmmm....), when asked the question, "what do you think of yoga's evolution in the United States?", Judith said:

"It seems a mile wide and an inch deep. I mourn the fact that many people in the United States know about asana just as a way of working out. To me, that's not what yoga is. It can lead to deeper personal transformation."

Thanks, Judith. I've been saying that for the three years I've been writing this blog, just click on the tag "Americanized yoga."

When she was asked, "what lessons can you share about what you've learned?", Judith said, among other things:

"Follow your nature. The practice is really about uncovering your own pose; we have great respect for our teachers, but unless we can uncover our own pose in the moment, it's not practice -- it's mimicry...".

Kudos to you, Judith. when I used the word "mimic" in this post, a commenter wrote me to say how dare I say that yoga students merely mimic their teachers. uh, yeah you do, each time your mind is out there instead of in your body...each time you are disembodied and not embodied...and each time you are not "in the moment" as Judith said. I've told my students many times, don't look up here, look within.

Maybe Judith Lasater and I aren't so far apart after all....maybe Yoga Journal should interview moi. or maybe I should write for Yoga 'bout it, editors? I need another job because the yoga studio where I teach is closing at the end of the year.


Random Thoughts said...

I am new to this whole bloggin gthing and did not know how to send you email msg. Your blog is one of the yoga blogs I follow. I am so surprised to learn that you once lived in flower mound, TX. Yoga island is the studio where I go to learn and there is also a branch of sun stone here in the town and a couple more I think. Wanted to thank you so much for writing your yoga blog. If you do not write for a week or so, i can't wait until you do the next fresh post. Please keep writing.

Linda-Sama said...

wow. I'm impressed. more than one place to do yoga in Flower Mound!

and thank you so much for reading this blog and for your lovely compliment!

hey, I travel to do workshops, maybe I can take a trip back to Flower Mound!

Random Thoughts said...

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